Meet Martin Bednar from IxD

Entrevista a João Neves – ITR

Meet Martin Bednar from IxD

Hi Martin, can you tell us about what you do? 

I am social entrepreneur and innovator with a company called IxD. We striving to make aging more pleasant for both the seniors and their families. This industry, dubbed “silvertech”, is experiencing a large boom, adequate to the financial size of the opportunity and the urgency of the need.


Can you share with us more about your new project?

At IxD, we are working on two projects:

Fam Frame is a tablet computer for older seniors with reduced motor and cognitive abilities. Unlike other players in the field we adapt the hardware, for example using oversized hardware buttons and a wireless charging cradle as well as develop custom software for real-time photo sharing and video communication. Finally, we work with partners to bring other applications to the device, for example simple games that improve senior’s cognitive abilities, or sensors, to help monitor senior’s well-being.

HledejPeci (Czech for “SeekCare”) is a marketplace for senior care providers in the Czech Republic. We have a database of over 800 institutional senior care providers and expanding our services into independent and private providers in order to become the “Uber for senior care” in Central and Eastern Europe.


What’s your best quality, and what makes you so great at it?

I love designing and building easy to use products that help users solve complex problems. I have formal education in software development, user-centered design, and business, but predominantly it is my attitude that helps me in my career: where others see a problem, I see an opportunity.


What was your biggest challenge as entrepreneur until today?

The most difficult challenges in the world of entrepreneurship are not about technological excellence or financial resources. Sometimes people and their attitudes are the biggest damper to progress. So the hardest are the problems that appear technical in nature, but are in fact cultural. “Helping physicians analyze patient data in the cloud” or “Helping families find care for their elders” are both problems from this class that I have faced.


What music do you like listening to while working?

Energizing, beat over lyrics. Most electronic music falls into this category.


What book is on your night stand at the moment?

I have not read a paper book in a while so in the looser definition of the term “book” it has been:

“Scrum: The art of doing twice the work in half the time” in my Kindle App and “Living Language Mandarin Chinese” audiobook in my car


What’s the best advice you ever received?

“Fight as if you’re right. Listen as if you’re wrong.” (Bob Sutton of Stanford d.School quoting the organizational theorist Karl Weick)


What do you do on your free time?

Most things that involve nature and or people. In no particular order: Photography, sailing, cycling, connecting people of different backgrounds together to make extraordinary things happen.


What are the apps and gadgets you can’t live without?

My nomad set has included: an oversized Android Phone (favorite apps: Google Maps, Pocket reader, Evernote, WhatsApp), Macbook Air (favorite apps: Lightroom, Evernote, Omnigraffle, Spotify), Nikon DSLR, Bose SoundLink Mini Speaker, a bicycle (preferably a vintage Bianchi)


Why have you choose a coworking space to work?

The company of others, the network, the events.


How was your experience at IDEIA?

I could not have imagined a warmer welcome. Needed a desk and an internet connection during my stay in Lisbon, but got much more than that with Joao, the IDEIA CEO sharing his entrepreneurial story and mission with me and introducing me to IDEIA co-founders and residents. I even got to sing Happy Birthday for one of the residents and share some Birthday cake.


Thank you Martin, we hope to see you soon.. All the best..

If you want to learn more about Martin, get in touch with him by email or visit his website

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